Help Educators Grow

We believe in learning experiences that make a difference, enlightens minds, changes lives. And we believe in those who deliver these life-changing experiences. That’s who we solve problems for, to help them grow quickly. Whether it’s making space available to them, or helping them get more students; when they succeed, we succeed. And, we are just getting started.

What We Look For

  1.   Personal Connect
  2. Personal connect with the problem that SpaceBoat is solving
  1.   Right Mindset
    • Experiment, fail, learn, repeat until you find something that works.
    • Learn to take a 'no'. many of them. Really. A lot of them. Especially from potential clients.
    • "That’s not my job" vs "I want to do more." There will be lots of things to do. Take ownership.
    • "This can't be done" vs "If it needs to be done, I will find a way."
    • "I don’t know how to do this" vs "This is an opportunity to learn. I will figure it out."
  1.   Self-Learner
  2. Excited about learning new things and learning on your own.
  1.   Committed
  2. Complex problems require time and patience. There will be lots of ups and downs in this journey. We want people who are intellectually engaged by what we are looking to build and who don’t get disheartened / bored quickly. You should have an honest intention of completing the minimum commitment expected of each role. We are not going to make you sign a bond; we trust your word!
  1.   Initiative
  2. Past experience of having started something / worked in a startup - either as college project, internship or prior job, or candidates who have experience in a wide range of extracurricular pursuits, as opposed to just having focused on academics, will be preferred.
  1.   Mobility
  2. This is NOT a desk based role. This will be a customer-facing role and will require travelling to different parts of the city to meet with actual clients and partners. Personal vehicle is highly recommended (for practical and logistical reasons).

Work & Life Code

What are the work timings? What is our view on ‘work from home’? Can you go on a mid-day date in-between a workdays?
To know more, read our 'Work and Life Code'

Next Steps

  • 01Read SpaceBoat Work and Life Code

  • 02Apply to SpaceBoat
  • 03Recruitment Process