Why Use Us

Convert students who find your seminar rooms too far.
Rotate idle faculty bandwidth across multiple locations. Increase revenue.

Scale with SpaceBoat

Flexible Plans

Rent conference rooms by the hour for as long as you need.

Flexibility with SpaceBoat

Customizable Space

Change your seminar room’s layout depending on your classroom’s purpose.

Central Reservation with SpaceBoat

Ready to use

The seminar room will already be set up for you when you arrive.

Central Reservation with SpaceBoat

Easy Booking

Give us a call to book conference rooms quickly.

Inventory Types

You can rent the following seminar rooms and spaces across multiple locations

Seminar Halls

seminar hall in delhi

We provide ready to use space to run seminar halls for your company; catering is also available

Rent starting at 10,000 /month

Conference Rooms

conference rooms in delhi

Our larger meeting rooms and halls are perfect for holding events and conferences with ease in different locations of Delhi NCR

Rent starting at 10,000 /month


auditoriums in delhi

Auditoriums with 150 to 500 seating capacity in Delhi NCR are available to run big events for your institute or company.

Rent starting at 10,000 /month


boardrooms in delhi

Our Large boardrooms in Gurgaon and Central Delhi are available with space for 18-25 people. Each Boardroom is Outfitted with premium furniture.

Rent starting at 10,000 /month

How it Works

Approval to start your seminar room within 3 business days.
SpaceBoat has pre-agreed most things that you require from SpacePartners.

  • 01Request A Quote

  • 02Visit the Space

  • 03Fill Approval Request Form

  • 04Transfer amount to reserve

  • 05Begin

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What all does the fee include and not include?
  2. The fee includes use of the seminar rooms, furniture, whiteboards, storage, drinking water, cleaning, electricity, power back-up and shared facilities such as washrooms.
  3. Shared Counselling Areas and Faculty Waiting Areas during your class time is included (where applicable). If you want your counsellor / faculty member to be present on the premises outside of class hours, or on other days, those might be charged separately, depending on the SpacePartner.
  4. It also includes the cost of a shared support staff member who who will help you with any furniture rearrangement at your rented classroom or space, if required. Over-time charges for the shared staff member (if applicable) on a SpacePartner’s premises will be charged extra.
  5. Projector charges and GST @18%, if charged by the Seminar Hall's owner, will be extra
  6. Will there be an agreement signed?
  7. Yes, once your request has been approved to conduct the program at the training room, there will be a tri-party MOU between SpaceBoat, SpaceUser and SpacePartner
  8. How long can I reserve the Conference or Seminar room for? What will be the term/tenure?
  9. For as long and short as you want, subject to minimum fee thresholds set by a SpacePartner.
  10. For requirements up to 2 months - refer to our Workshop / Short Term Courses plan.
  11. For requirements longer than 2 months, refer to Monthly Plans. Term for Monthly Plans will be for upto 300 days (one annual academic cycle). You can request a longer term, which will be subject to approval from SpacePartner.
  12. Can I rearrange furniture as per my course requirements? Who will help me set up?
  13. Yes, you can. A shared support staff member will be present on the premises to help you with any furniture rearrangement to conduct your events and conferences without any hassle.
  14. This is a shared support staff member who might be helping other SpaceUsers on the premises help set up as well. Please be patient.
  15. This shared support staff member is NOT responsible for the safety of your students or to supervise them in case your students (young children) need to go to the washroom. If you need a nanny for these purposes, charges will be extra.
  16. Additionally, a SpaceBoat representative will be present on the premises to help you onboard during the initial days. After that, SpaceBoat representatives will be present on an as-requested basis for any troubleshooting / grievance redressal.
  17. I will need the internet that can accommodate multiple logins simultaneously.
  18. The Internet can be facilitated by us on your request on the market cost as charged by the internet vendor in that area. Alternatively, You can bring your own internet/dongle as per your requirement.
  19. Can I use the SpacePartner’s venue as address in my communication? Can I start marketing of the batch before reserving the space?
  20. You can use the SpacePartner’s address as the venue location in your marketing collaterals only after reserving the space.
  21. We strongly recommend that you reserve the space before beginning the marketing of the program. If you haven’t reserved the space and end up forming a batch, you might be risking your revenue and reputation if the SpacePartner denies the request to host your program.
  22. What if I am not able to form my batches after reserving the space? What if I get more students than anticipated?
  23. If you do not get the desired response to your marketing efforts, don’t worry -
  24. You can claim a full refund of the security deposit and the monthly fee if you inform us up to 5 days in advance of the start date.
  25. Alternatively, you can change the start date. A single date change, up to a maximum of 30 days is allowed, after which you can either claim a refund or you will have to start paying the Monthly Minimum Fee to continue to hold the space.
  26. If you get an overwhelmingly positive response to your marketing efforts, you can increase the number of hours or switch to a higher capacity room, subject to availability, and pay as per the applicable charges.
  27. Will I get a counseling desk at the SpacePartner’s premises?
  28. You will be provided a shared Counselling Desk/area during your class timings, without any extra charge.
  29. Alternatively, you can reserve a dedicated counseling room for extra charges, depending on such a room is available on a SpacePartner’s premises.
  30. What marketing support will I get? Can I do promotional activities for the students of the SpacePartner? Will SpaceBoat help me get more students?
  31. SpaceBoat is primarily a space-sharing solution. A few SpacePartners offer a little bit of marketing support including the following:
  32. Mailers to parents regarding evening activities.
  33. Canopy/stalls on PTMs, carnivals etc.
  34. A SpacePartner reserves the right to refuse any marketing support to a SpaceUser. Such permission will be accepted or denied by a SpacePartner at the time of approving a SpaceUser’s program to operate from the premises.SpaceBoat does not undertake any service level accountability for marketing support by a SpacePartner. The quality of service and resultant outcome is outside the scope of SpaceBoat’s operations.
  35. If you use the SpacePartner’s resources for your own marketing efforts before you begin your program, security deposit and the advance fee will not be refundable.